These age-appropriate, universal teeth are made of MRP Composite. Suitable for complete denture prosthesis, removeable partial dentures, attachments and interim prosthesis. They come in a wide range of 31 Upper, 13 Lower anteriors and 5 Synoform and 6 Cuspiform posteriors. The shades are the 15 Vita shades but not made in B1. The benefits of the Vitapan teeth are good shade integration with remaining natural teeth, natural shade effect, excellent durability and efficient grinding and polishing.

The benefits of the Cuspiform posteriors are the simple reproduction of the chewing function in full/partial dentures.

The Synoform posteriors have characteristic moulds with a flat reduced occlusal surface/cusp relief for more freedom of movement with the special features of Maxillary cusp angle: approx 6 degree and a 3D - layered structure for natural shade gradient.

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