Compatible Milling Disc Ceramill® (ø 101 mm.)

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Compatible Milling Disc Ceramill® (ø 101 mm.)



100% Biocompatible.

Multi-layer structure that confers a better aesthetic and natural result.

Compatible with most CAD/CAM systems (Standard, Cerec ®, Ceramill ® Zirkonzahn ® and Roland ®).

Our PMMA discs protect the antagonist tooth.

100% mineral pigments for an unalterable color.

No color changes during machining.

Under ISO 20795 & ISO 10477 quality standards.

Guaranteed absence of toxicity. MDD Directive 93/42/EC

Easy to mill and polish. High stability during machining.

Hypoallergenic (very low percentage of residual monomer).

CE, FDA certification.

Perfect color grading.


Fluorescence similar to natural tooth.

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